Train Snow Plowing Action in Arthur's Pass

On our precious planet, there are countless places gifted us by the nature.

Think about all the beautiful places we have, the Great Canyons, the Niagara Falls, the national parks, Redwoods, Mammoth Cave, Amazon Forests, Maldives and so on. One of the natural beauties is the Arthur's Pass National Park that is located in the hearth of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The small and cure village of Arthur's Pass is a great place for hiking and other outdoor sports. When it snows on Arthur's Pass, it looks like a white heaven. In today's video, for example, we're checking out what happens when it snows on Arthur's Passage. This video shows us how a train plows all the snow fell on the ground. The train belongs to the Kiwirail, a state enterprise responsible for rail operations in New Zealand, and it plows the snow perfectly. The snow is so smooth and the train goes so perfectly that it gives an odd pleasure to watch the snow plowing. This is why this video got more than twelve million views.

To feel this odd satisfaction, watch the video and let us know what you think about this fantastic snow plow in the comments below!