Whispering Giant: A Tractor With 4 Jet Engines

When it comes to the relationship between man and machines, the one with the tractors takes one step further.

As tractor, a revolutionary machine has changed the way we live on this planet dramatically. We owe so much to this machine and we make so much to appreciate it. Tractor pulling is one of these things we do to appreciate these machines in the most enjoyable way. We don't know if you have ever wondered and searched about the history of tractor pulling, but tractor pulling is a quite old and widely known motorsport. Tractor pulling is usually described as a battle between two competitors, trying to see who can pull their machine the furthest. On many parts of the world, there are specially organized tractor pulling events with thousands of participators and ten thousands of visitors. Such events gather enthusiast from every part of the country to enjoy the power of tractor. In today's video, for example, we're checking out one of these events. In this video of one minute only, you're going to see the Whispering Giant: a 4500kg bull that looks like a mechanical monster with its beast-like engine and complex body. We can't even imagine how powerful such a big engine can be.

Watch today's video to see the rising star of all tractor pulling events and enjoy!