Slædehunden: Heavily Modified Tractor Powered by V12 Rolls Royce Griffon Engines From WW2 Fighter Planes

We don't know if you have ever attend and watched a tractor pulling event somewhere in the country, but if you have then you can know how interesting enjoyable it can be.

Although there is no single logical explanation to pull a tractor out of no reason at all, watching these kinds of events can actually entertain us. That's why we today present you a video that shows Europe's one of the coolest tractor pulling events. In this video that is cool enough to hit almost four million views on YouTube, you're going to see a breathtaking machine that stands up there like a phoenix, a blue one. Called as the Slædehunden, this crazy machine is a heavily modified monster that weighs 4500 kilograms. It runs on V12 Rolls Royce Griffon engines from WW2 fighter planes with 2258ci displacement. You can hear how powerful the engines are by hearing how they sound in action. If you want to see how this monstrous masterpiece pulls a huge tractor like a boss then don't lose even a microsecond and hit the play button.

This button will be the start of a very enjoyable four minutes and you'll like it!