John Deere Trike Tractor: A Newcomer in Your Vehicle Repertoire!

If you check our website regularly then you know too well how much we care for tractors and how much we enjoy the videos about them.

We said it before, we're saying it now and we will say it again! Tractors are the magical machines that revolutionized the agriculture as well as our way of existence on the planet Earth. Since their invention, a lot has changed and these changes put our lives into another dimension, opening the path to great agricultural, industrial, economical and social developments. In today's video, for example, we're checking out an amazing example for these precious machines. This is a John Deere 4955. It is a badass tractor running on a John Deere 7.6L 6-cylinder liquid cool inlined turbocharged Diesel engine that literally roars. This is, however, not an ordinary tractor that looks like the way it was in when it got out of the factory. There's something special about this John Deere that makes it different than any of its counterparts. This is a trike tractor! We bet most of you don't even know what a trike tractor is. We do not know, either!

Check out today's video to see what a trike tractor is, how it looks and how it sounds! We guarantee that you'll like it!