Road Zipper Barrier System Saves Lives on the Golden Gate Bridge!

Have you ever heard of something called as the "road zipper"? If you have not yet then can you imagine what kind of thing it would be? How it looks?

Here's a clue! It's a machine! Road zipper, zipper machine, or technically known as the barrier transfer machine, is a heavy machine employed for the transfer of concrete lane dividers. As the traffic on a bridge, especially in big and crowded cities, increases during the day, there happens a necessity to find a safe and effective way to enhance the capacity of the bridge to meet the increasing traffic flow.
New construction is unnecessarily expensive so authorities don't even see it as an option. Installing moveable barriers
creates managed lanes for bridges and this cost-effectively enhances a bridge's capacity. How it is possible? It's possible with the road zipper. In today's video, we're checking out a road zipper moveable barrier system that saves lives on the Golden Gate Bridge. The barrier is made up of 3,517 interlocking steel and concrete pieces. Each piece weighs 1,500 pounds and is 32 inches tall.

At the busiest times during the day, the road zipper system moves the barrier about 10 feet over to open another lane of traffic.
Hit the play button, watch the video and enjoy the system!