1949 Allgaier R22 Tractor is a Marvel of German Engineering!

We said it before, we're saying it right now and we will say it again! When it comes to engineering, Germans are far the best! Their ingenuity in engineering is indisputable.

German government spends a lot for research and development. They invest and support innovation. Germans work really hard. They are self-disciplined. They have a high-quality education system, in which "learning by doing" is appreciated. Craftsmanship is highly valued in German society. There are lots of rooted engineering companies in German. We can list countless reasons for such prowess, but there's no need for that. In the video we proudly share on this page today, you're going to see a visual proof for Germany's efficiency in engineering. What is filmed in this video is a tractor designed and manufactured by Allgaier Group, a successful manufacturing company founded in 1906 in Hattenhofen, Germany. It's a 1949 Allgaier R22 tractor and the video shows it's being started. It's 70 years old, but still looks and sounds amazing.

Check out the video till the last second to enjoy this marvel of engineering and appreciate the ingenuity!