Whole Tree Harvester Devours the Entire Forest in Just Seconds!

Whole tree harvesting! Have you ever heard of something called like that?

The names implies actually! Whole tree harvesting is the practice of cutting the entire above-ground portion of a tree and removing it from the soil it took root. In other words, it is a process that includes removing the entire tree, including the stem, branches, stump and roots. Performed for various purposes, this process requires complicated and as expected strong machines that are specifically designed and built for it. We know that there are so many different forestry machines, but whole tree harvesters take one step further among them!

Such machines have complex designs and features that allow them to do the whole job effectively. In today's video that we're sure you all would like to see and have some odd satisfaction, you're going to see the world's fastest and most efficient whole tree harvester. It looks like a mechanical beast that enters the forest and devours all the trees in just a few seconds. It's impossible to not to be scared of its speed as it approaches to the camera. If you're interested in machines you must see this one in particular!

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