Success or Failure: Will They Manage to Load Huge Timbers into a Container?

Have you ever wondered why loading/unloading is so hard? Why some drivers quit their jobs simply because they can't do it?

Why there are so many different methods and techniques for it? Why these methods and techniques sometimes end up in a complete failure? Why goods and materials are ruined due to incorrect loading or unloading? It's possible to multiply the questions to the infinity. There's no limit for that, but what about the answers! Are there certain answers for these questions? Probably, there are not! But what we know for sure is that loading is a very challenging job and surely for not everyone!

Even if you're a well experienced driver, you may not be very good at loading. Even if you got the right technique, the current conditions may not let you use it. So the success in loading is mostly situational. That's why we see loading fails everywhere on the internet. In the video we present you today, you're going to see just another loading process. This time, they try to load a huge amount of timber to a container in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Check out the video till the end to see if they manage to load it or ruin it! Don't forget to leave your comment down below!