Smooth and Flawless: This is How Roads Are Repaired in China!

Seemingly, asphalt is a heavy and dark substance, but have you ever wondered what is inside of it? What is asphalt made of?

As a smooth, strong, versatile, weather and chemical-resistant binding material, asphalt is simply made of crushed stones, gravel, sand and petroleum. It is one of the world's oldest engineering materials, having been used since the beginning of civilization. In today's world, it is a durable and reliable paving material globally used for roads and streets. In today's video, which is worthwhile enough to get more than ten million views on YouTube, you're going to see how asphalt is paved on a rather small part of a road. This is actually a repairmen process. Filmed somewhere in China, this video is quite relaxing while the end of the process of highly satisfying. The asphalt ends up very smooth and flawless. Thumbs up for the workers! They're apparently masters of their domains.

Watch the video till the last seconds, see how roads should be repaired, have some satisfaction and don't forget to let us know what do you think about this paving process!