John Deere GT225 Lawn Tractor Pulls the Huge Ford F350 Truck and the Trailer

John Deere as the world's most renowned manufacturers of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery has offered a great range of products and services to those who are sincerely linked to the land, those who cultivate and harvest the land, and to those who see the land as our salvation since its founding in 1837.

There's no doubt that the machinery that came out of the John Deere factories performs advanced functionality. This increased functionality is the reason why John Deere exists in almost all countries. In today's surprising video, we're checking out a badass product of John Deere. It's a lawn tractor, but not an ordinary one! This insane lawn tractor GT225 with 15hp Kohler, hydro transmission and turf tires, pulls a huge F350 Dually and not only the F350 Dually, bu also the 1000lb trailer. It's unbelievable that just a simple lawn mower is powerful enough to pull a gigantic Ford truck that weighs 7400lbs. "Such power!" you will say after checking out this amazing video.

Check out the video that will leave you speechless and pay your respects to this beast-like John Deere lawn tractor!