Caterpillar 797B Camino Mining Truck is the World's Biggest!

Trucks are great machines that revolutionized the whole automotive industry, serving in so many different fields, including agriculture, mining, construction and shipping.

Each truck we see on the road has a special story behind it and if you're an enthusiast then you know very well to read these stories properly by looking at the trucks. In today's video, we're going to see the world's one of the most gigantic trucks: Caterpillar 797B Camino Mining Truck. As you'll also see in the video, this tremendous mining truck has the biggest and largest tires you have ever seen! It's wider than two-lane highway. This is an earth-moving truck with almost 625 gross tons of operation weight, 14,530 m length and a 3550hp engine. Think about the driving pleasure it gives both the driver and the passengers. It would be fantastic to get behind the steering wheels and control this huge monster. The video is filmed Minera Escondida Antofagasta, Chile. We need such trucks in U.S too!

Check out today's video to view Caterpillar 797B Camino mining truck, its praise-worthy driving performance and rate this magnificent machine out of ten down in the comments below!