German Engineering At Its Best: Old Lanz Bulldog Tractor Start Up

Tractors! The great machines that revolutionized the agriculture and accordingly the course of our lives on planet Earth.

Since the production of the very first tractors, we used them to plant and harvest more to feed ourselves. It's impossible to imagine agricultural processes without these groundbreaking machines! What we're checking out in today's interesting video is the start up a Lanz Bulldog. You may ask what it is! That's normal. It's not something very familiar with American farmers. The Lanz Bulldog is a tractor built by Heinrich Lanz Ag of Manheim, Germany. The production started in 1921 and by the year 1960 several versions were manufactured. Lanz Bulldogs usually had a low compression, single cylinder, horizontal, two stroke engines with hot bulb ignition and blow lamp starting. Even though they have only one cylinder, the engines were working quite smoothly. You can see a proof for that checking out the video.

If you're interested in old tractors then you must watch today's video till the end to see this ancient tractor in action and o hear its sweet sound!