PALFINGER BM 214 Truck-Mounted Forklift Offers Brilliant Solutions

Ceaselessly changing trends in industry demand brand new and intelligent solutions. The Palfinger, an accomplished company that evolved from a fitter's workshop to a global player, offers the world these new and intelligent solutions with a great dedication.

The Palfinger Crayler BM 214, one of the greatest and most successful products of the company, is a brilliantly manufactured truck-mounted forklift. Instead of being attached to the rear of the lorry or trailer, as is conventionally the case, the professional team of the Palfinger embark on the cargo journey in a box mounted centrally under the vehicle frame. Neither loadability on ramps nor maneuverability is restricted in any way. Unlike conventional truck-mounted forklifts attached to the rear of the vehicle, the total length of the carrier vehicle does not change. The innovative four-wheel forklift is positioned for a low center of gravity in the center between the vehicle axles, making it particularly ideal for the driving safety of the lorry train.
The operator controls the forklift equipped with articulated steering via an intuitive Palfinger radio remote control. A 34hp Diesel engine powers the forklift and the whole forklift weighs 1950kg.

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