The Aebi's EC170: Greatly Designed Lithium-Ion Powered Multifunctional Machine

The Aebi as one of the main product brands of the internationally recognized ASH Group has been synonymous with the development of environmentally friendly electric mobility concepts for the well-being of both men and the nature.

Having so many years of experience with electric-powered machines and vehicles, the Aebi have developed the EC170 jointly and optimized this great creation for use in agriculture and as well as for communal applications. The EC170 is powered by a lithium-ion battery and two powerful disc-shaped rotor engines, enabling this machine to have a maximum power of 18 kW with literally zero CO2 emission. r. The large contact surfaces of the tracked undercarriages and the low weight of the vehicle ensure minimum ground pressure and maximum off-road capability. The Aebi EC170 is also suitable for landscaping with a rotary cutter and cutting bar, with blower and sweeping brush or, in winter operation, with snow plows or snow throwers. The autonomy varies, depending on the used tool and the mode of use, and goes up to 3.5 hours. With an extra spare battery, use can continue without interruption. 9.7 kWh batteries are available as an option. The charging time is 4 or 2.5 hours depending on the charger. The machine is operated with the thumb and index finger on a joystick, offering the maximum comfort for the operator. The control is very sensitive and precise - in all working situations.

Check out the video below, see how amazingly multifunctional this machine is!