Crazy Load & Unload Fails Not Only Entertain But Also Educate Us!

Some men were wise. The words that they have said give us inspiration, vision and comprehension.

Do you remember the famous quote of Einstein, for example, one of the smartest men that ever lived? He said "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." He was right as always. As we also witness almost every day there's no limit for stupidity and with today's video you'll see a compilation of proves for that! This funny compilation shows us unfortunate fails some insane men done while loading or unloading their vehicles. This compilation is not only entertaining, but also educational, showing us how not to load or unload your vehicle that you have paid thousands of dollars. We can't help asking "What were they thinking doing so", but we can't find an answer. Did they really think their method will work? We don't know. Nobody knows. If you want to have some fun and laugh out loud then you better check this video with more than three million YouTube views and see these crazy fails.

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