Hold My Beer, Watch This: Lawnmower Pull Was About to End up in a Disaster

There are thousands, ten thousands or hundred thousands of different ways of getting fun.

Some of them are totally illegal, some of them are hard to do, some of them require so much money while others may be a bit too risky, but still you have some legal, safe and moderate ways. In today's video, we're checking out an insane way of getting a so-called fun. Watching this weird video, you're going to see a lawnmower pull race between two old boys. The race started as expected, but then something happened and things gone badly. The pull race was about to end up in a complete disaster, but luckily nothing happened. This video is just a like course about how to be an idiot without even caring about your own life. This is not fun when there's a big risk of hurting yourself.

Check out the video to see what happened exactly and let us know about your opinion!