Grave Digger Against Flame-Throwing Shockwave Jet Truck-Must See!!!

We guess almost all of you know something about the Grave Digger, Dennis Anderson's Monster Jam truck originally built out of an old 1957 Chevy Panel Wagon and parts that he collected from junkyards.

Being one of the most decorated Monster Jam trucks on the planet, the Grave Digger has won four Monster Jam World Finals championships. Well, the Grave Digger is cool for sure, but have you ever heard about the Shockwave? Shockwave is a custom-built race truck ingeniously equipped with three gigantic j34-48 Pratt & Whitney jet engines originally taken out of the USA Navy T2 Buckeye training aircraft. Can you imagine how powerful this jet truck can really be? It's not only one of the most powerful trucks in the world, but also holds the record speed for Semi trucks at 376mph. Today's video, which is not a video you'll soon forget but remember even after years, shows us an exciting drag race between the Grave Digger and flame-throwing Shockwave jet truck.

Check it out and see who the winner is!