Chopped Custom Mercury with Cadillac Engine

Unusual and stylish look of custom 1940 Mercury conversion with the Cadillac engine catching our attention in this video. Walk around, outside checking, explanations by owner in details of construction, exterior and interior view, action in motion all of them we can see in this street view.

Converting a 1940 Mercury with a Cadillac engine is a custom automotive modification with replacing the Cadillac engine.
The 1940 Mercury is known for its classic styling and elegant design. That is a custom 1940 Mercury conversion with the Cadillac engine and the hydraulics system, with backside windows. Equipped with the Cadillac V8 engine which shows its performance. This may involve modifying the engine mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust system, and other components to ensure proper fitment and functionality. The exterior catching eyes with extraordinary and unusual dark green coloring and wavy shapes in front of car. The interior has brown comfortable covering, minimalistic dashboard.

1940 Mercury conversion with a Cadillac engine can result in a unique and high-performance vintage vehicle that combines classic styling with modern power and reliability. And if you are interested in custom modified vehicle this video might be useful for you. Take a lot of pleasure and enjoy!