1930 Ford Custom 5 Window Pickup

This is a gorgeous opportunity to see as a unique and creative 1930 Ford Custom pickup equipped with 5 window extended cab vehicle. Story by owner with car specialities, walk around, great engine sound, outside checking, action in motion all of them we can be face to face in this video.

Take a look of car type and probably we can see that the early 1930s, pickups were typically basic in design, featuring utilitarian elements. 5 windows in the cab in this kind of custom vehicle including the windshield, door windows, and rear windows. This Ford offers customization and was modified by the owner with huge construction story. An "extended cab" concept providing unlimited visibility, all look around, road position that gives practical advantage. The exterior catching eyes on en extraordinary sleek yellow coloring. The interior has minimalistic suitable dashboard, two seats with comfortable covering.

Nowadays 1930 Ford Custom pickup 5 window extended cab might be describing a modified or custom-built vehicle that combines elements of a vintage Ford pickup with modern conveniences. If you are fond of custom modified vehicle this video can be interesting for you. Enjoy and have a lot of nice moments!