1939 Chevy Fat Fender Business Coupe

We have a convenient possibility to be a witness of as this elegant and unique custom vehicle 1939 Chevy Fat Fender Business Coupe. Take a stylish look, walk around, outside checking, clean animation, catching eyes exterior coloring, performance on the road, ride and drive in this enjoyable video.

Typically the 1939 Chevy Fat Fender Business Coupe is a classic car produced by Chevrolet and has specialities, design according to that era. The "Fat Fender" term means rounded fenders that were characteristic of car. The coupe's design emphasized smooth curves and a streamlined appearance. This kind of car was specifically designed for business use, often by traveling salesmen or small business owners. Equipped with V8 engine and represents its great sound. As we see the exterior has a burgundy coloring with roof and upper side in black coloring. The interior constructed to be functional and comfortable according to not huge inside area.

This kind of car characterized by sleek lines, spacious interior, dependable performance with its attractive styling, practicality, and affordability. If you are interested in classic custom car, its modification this video can be enjoyable for you. Watch, take more joyful moments and have a lot of pleasure!