700HP Big Block '64 Ford Galaxie

Great story of construction project of stylish and magnificent 1964 Ford Galaxie with 700HP from the owner step by step, creating process in details with all specialities. Take a look, walk around, action in motion, all explanations, garage and outside checking.

1964 Ford Galaxie is a classic American car known for its sleek design and powerful performance. While the Galaxie was originally produced with a range of engine options, including V8 engines, it's unlikely that it would have had 700 horsepower in its stock form. This vehicle has Tremec T-56 Ford 6 speed transmission, functional using. Its equipped with classic instruments gauges, stylish dashboard. With its sport design this vehicle suitable to drive on-road, take a part at racing, competitions, at show as a custom car. It has an opportunity to modify classic car like the Galaxie to achieve higher horsepower vehicle. More then 700 horsepower or even much more.

Have a joyful journey with this creative custom 1964 Ford Galaxie, enjoy high performance, great speed value, clean engine sound. This unique car keeping its classic style and charm. Watch the video, enjoy and share with your friends!