Mark Morton's Barris-inspired 1954 Mercury Monterey Custom

Stylish look, walk around, vintage style of custom 1954 Mercury Monterey with life story by the owner and all explanations in details we can mention in this video. Have an enjoyable trip, ride and drive, action in motion, watch performance of this elegant vehicle after a half of century from introduction.

Probably as we know 1954 Mercury Monterey is a classic and powerful car produced by the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company. This vehicle featured a distinctive chrome grille, large wraparound windshield, and long tail fins. The car has a longer wheelbase compared to its predecessors, giving it a more spacious interior and a smoother ride. The exterior has catching eyes yellow coloring with its brightening. The interior has vintage, stylish dashboard with white coloring and wide area inside, comfortable and luxurious cabin. We can see that Ford engine with great sound. That Mercury is absolutely stunning.

The combination of stylish design, powerful performance, and comfortable ride characterized this iconic vehicle of the mid-20th century. Take a lot of excitement moments, joyful journey with the 1954 Mercury Monterey. Watch, take a look and share with your friends!