Wild Buck's "HOMEGROWN" Street Rod

The graceful story of construction an unique custom vehicle by owner and his wife with its specialities and features. We have a great possibility to take a look of this creating car, walk around, explanations in details, clean animation, outside view.

Looking to this custom car we can mention that Wild Buck's exclusive vehicle and seems as a hybrid. Frame part characterized a street car, another part dragster. The car owner with a great engineering mind and vision created and constructed like this masterpiece. Him and his wife work great together, it's just incredible and so different project. It equipped with 2 Chevy 4.3L V6s engines which increase its performance. Featured with long front side. The back side includes a Corvette pieces. The exterior catching eyes with its bright green coloring and custom painting in front. The interior has green colored covering with orange strips and elegant design.

Have a gorgeous trip with this custom unique vehicle, listen an interesting story of creation as a craftsmanship. If you are fond of custom, modified car this video might be joyful for you. Watch, enjoy and have a lot of pleasant moments!