CUSTOM 1946 Chevy COE "BEER TANKER" by Hauk Designs

Have a look, walk around of this vintage custom 1946 Chevrolet COE Beer Tanker with its special design, painting, tanker size, huge wheels, outside checking, exterior view, clean animation. This is a great opportunity to see as a huge machine, its construction, body design in this video.

As we know 1946 Chevy COE that means Cab Over Engine, was a truck produced by Chevrolet immediately following World War II. It featured a specialized tanker body built onto the COE chassis, designed primarily for the transportation of liquids such as fuel, oil, or water. These tanker trucks played a crucial role in various industries, including petroleum distribution, transportation, and agriculture. The tanker body was typically constructed from steel which had speciality as durability and standable for variety outside conditions. This tanker has custom latering on the back side and bird symbol made by the owner. This vehicle made in rat rod style and keeping its features.

Great creation, huge masterpiece with double wheels takes a special place in history with its unique custom design of tanker. If you are interested in big size vehicle, custom tanker this video might be joyful for you. Take a lot of nice moments, watch and enjoy!