Custom 1944 Ford COE

We have a gorgeous opportunity to have a look of 1944 COE custom truck from SEMA show 2023 with its growing story by the owner. Walk around, stylish look, clean outside animation, exterior and interior view all of them we can be face to face in this video.

As probably knowing term "COE" usable for Cab Over Engine, referring to trucks where the cab is positioned over the engine. This type of truck was produced during World War II and partly employed for specific military purposes such as transport, cargo hauling, or troop movement. It had specifics as durability and reliability prioritizing then comfort or aesthetics. It was made some changes into a truck by this guy, transformed the cab, frame, some parts modified. Truck's equipped engines he put together and by this increased vehicle performance. High huge wheels put on which demonstrate truck gabarits, size and stylish view. The exterior has catching eyes black custom painting. It is definitely different.

Great and huge work of transformation we can mention and in result its a custom magnificent vehicle being able to see. This video might be useful if you are interested in classic custom truck. Take a lot of pleasant moments, watch, enjoy and share with your friends!