"Moonkist" T-Bucket Hot Rod

This is a story of creation a custom Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod by the owner with its features and special style. The vehicle was made in 1978 and has its historical roots, making process. We are face to face with this origin, creating masterpiece. Have a look, walk around of this vintage car at exposition.

The Ford T-Bucket is a classic hot rod with elegant vintage design with modified and customized its version. Typically the term "T-Bucket" refers to the T-shaped bucket-style body produced for this hot rod model. Content, production, quality and presentation are top-shelf. That roadster showed a great deal of innovation. For building this custom Moonkist was used original metal, original carburetor, metal bucket-shaped shell. The front in metal, with black coloring, removable hardtop roof, with big V8 engine mounted prominently in the front of the car. T-Bucket is often characterized by powerful high performance.

Well done great job of creation a vehicle like this. If you are interested in custom, classic, vintage car this video might be joyful for you. Take a catching breath moments watching this enjoyable video!