F1-Inspired Hot Rod With A Honda S2000 VTEC Engine

In this video we can have a look of a custom car - combination of 1930 Ford Model A with F1-inspired sport car underneath with its features and a story by owner. Walk around, running, ride and drive, explanations in details, professional animation all of them we can be a witness in joyful tour in Miami.

Typically this car model altered to enhance performance, aesthetics, and often to reflect the owner's personal style especially with modified and customized version of hot rod. It was made with original metal, equipped with changed motor. This is a vintage car which keeping its elegant and timeless design. The exterior with coloring in black is catching eyes with its gorgeous view. A hotrod JDM weird F1 style thing and a Prius, what a lineup. It brings a lot of admiration the ambition and the authenticity behind the whole hot rod concept also created job of combination.

Enjoyable driving, turbo noises, motor sound, trip in Miami catching our attention. Take pleasant moments with this modified classic vintage car in great performance. Watch, check out and share with your friends!