School Bus Converted Into A Luxury Tiny home

This is a great family project to turn an old bus into a functional and creative home by the owner. Its a huge job of transformation and reparation, and in result we can mention a gorgeous masterpiece.

Some features and specialities which include bus as a home. As we see the generator and AC under the bus. There were using custom doors, with sanding doors was create a smooth surface, tiling, framing, brick, installing lights and wiring. Also it equipped with an air conditioning, fresh water tank. Living room, kitchen, bathroom build, bed room were in create project. Bus exterior is made with shifts and in blue coloring. The interior has luxury and modern design with comfortable insides parts. And in ending its a ready vehicle which can be ride and drive.

Have a catching breath journey with this work of art. If you are interested in modified car and bus into a home this video might be useful for you. Watch and share with your friends!