Pawn Stars Classic 1932 Ford Roadster

The classic 1932 Ford Roadster Steel Body we can mention on this video. Pawn Stars from the Harrison family represent this tape of car as the value of items.

The new Lakester style transforms the classic 1932 Roadster by lowering and giving it a perfect stance.
All of the Lakester kits include an all steel Brookville Roadster body which has been modified to fit on a Shadow Rods 5 kickup with 7 sectioned frame.
Completed roller or turnkeys available on request. İt has block of 6.6 liters a last few injected motor that makes it much more fast, 500 horsepower, traditional suspension.

Roadsters were built with 2 seats, no roofs or windows for emphasis on handling. The steering wheel is an authentic but rare 1932 Ford two-piece wheel, the three-spoke insert is aluminum. İnterior was designed with black covered leather inside, original seats. Driving car like this with huge motor power makes you full of excitement and full of admiration.

It was a great work of changing peaces of this 1932 Ford Roadster. This is an outstanding job with car.

In this video we may find a lot of practical sides of changing 1932 Ford Roadster Steel Body. Watch, check out exciting moments!