Abandoned Classic Ford Transformed Into Race Car

This is a 1959 Ford Anglia 105E with a modern twist video restoration and transformation project. It shows us 2 years of hard work of transformation and the final result that car modified after.

The Anglia 105E had a modern and distinctive design for its time, featuring a reverse-sloping rear window that gave it a unique look. As we know 1959 Ford Anglia had a three-box design with a separate trunk. Typically this kind of car was not a high-performance vehicle, but it was recognized for its fuel efficiency and reliability. The interior of car was designed with functional specialities, to be comfortable and according to size of the car. In this car's transformation being bringing a lot of attention to details. It's a great build and also well thought out and variety skilled fabrication. This is an outstanding job with car.

In this restoration and transformation process of changing old car up to new we can see modified restored vehicle.

Enjoy this video with exciting moments!