Sickening Green: 1956 Chevy COE Pickup Hits the Level of Excellence!

If you are looking for a place where you can spend your hours in full joy and happiness, then AutopiaLA is just for you.

When we say "a place", don't think it is just a platform you can visit and have a tour. It is actually a YouTube channel where modded vehicles from the coolest muscle cars to the baddest hot rods are presented for the real automotive enthusiasts. Chasing after the matchless marriage of old and new technology, the AutopiaLA puts particular attention to advanced craftmanship and demonstrates us the country's most stunning machines in full details. So folks, is there a reason to not to subscribe to this channel? Today, we present you a video from the AutopiaLA and it shows us a fully custom 1956 Chevy truck with some killer details. Nicknamed as the Sickening Green, this strikingly impressive machine is built on a Cab Over 1956 Chevy pickup. Watching the video, you'll witness to every single step of the Sickening Green being built. The process took a lot, but the result is worth of a fortune! The most amazing thing about this green beast is that it is built by a non-automotive fabricator in his garage. The level of professionality in this Chevy is just excellent!

Check out the video, see the sweetest shades of green and share your thoughts!