1937 Chevy Hot Rod Looks As Cool As Van Gogh's Starry Night!

We don't know what is your favorite in cars? Luxuries? Classics? Muscles or sports? Maybe vans, maybe trailers!

Whatever it is, there are some cars that catch the attention of all, and Chevys trucks are definitely one of these! When it comes to hot rod Chevys, in particular, it is almost impossible to not to have a crush on them. Chevys have always been an object of attention for real enthusiasts and we never get sick of sharing the coolest Chevy videos on the net. Here's another one we present you today! What is demonstrated in this beautiful video is a 1937 Chevrolet Hot Rod Hauler that looks as impressive as the Van Gogh's world- famous painting Starry Night thanks to its professionally done paintjob. The paintjob is so fine that blue is going to be your new favorite color. The '37 Chevy is powered by a fierce Big Block V8 backed by an automatic transmission. It would be crazy if we had the chance to hear it. Pity that they forgot to film it while in run! The Chevy looks super fancy from inside out and it worth to be checked out in full detail.

See the video to bath your eyes with a true Chevy beauty and have some fun folks! We need it!