800 HP Blown Hulk Camino Rat Rod (1959 El Camino) by ITW Hot Rods

Do you like festivals? We all do! There is a spirit for every holiday and festival. Think about Christmas. Think about Thanksgiving.

Think what we do and what we feel during family reunions. Singing song and feeling the warmth. Think about Halloween! A nice detail of our common culture! The outfits, the snacks, tricks or treats, and many more. For Halloween, we all act up in a concept and have unforgettable times together. In today's video, we're checking out a car that looks like it's just built for Halloween! This excellently filmed video demonstrates us the mechanical perfection: a 800hp blown Hulk Camino rat rod, which is actually a 1959 model El Camino renewed and treated by the In the Weeds (ITW) Hot Rods. The spooky body, roaring engine, the whine of the blower, the sweet sound, the striking look! Every single detail of this '59 El Camino makes it look stunningly beautiful!

Watch today's video till the last second, see how this 1959 El Camino drives on the road like a boss and enjoy it as a whole!