1948 Chevrolet COE Customized by Wilpro Custom Auto & Engineering

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the stress of the daily life? Are you fed up with the burden work, city life, family and other things put on your shoulders?

At such points, we recommend you to make a few clicks and visit our website. Here videos about countless of vehicles from all kinds and from all around the World are waiting to make your day better while also making you feel better. On each section we present, you can find some spectacular videos to watch and have fun! We add just another video to our collection and you'll see it right on this page! In this video of a couple minutes only, we're checking out an exquisite piece of machinery: a 1948 Chevrolet COE filmed while getting out of its garage. This is apparently not an ordinary Chevy COE that you can see every day on the streets, but a special one that gone through a special process. The sweet shade of pastel yellow paintjob gives the '48 COE and attractive appearance while the engine it runs on is totally worth hearing! This gorgeous piece of professional machinery and extensive treat is reportedly built by Wilpro Custom Auto & Engineering in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Watch the video to see how this '48 COE gets out of the garage like a boss and enjoy!