Lowered Mercury with Cadillac Fins on the Back

We, and also you, have seen so many classics, so many muscle cars, so many pickups, some many Street machines, hot rods, rat rods and Pro Streets.

Some of them were painted in gold while some others were left with a bare metal coating or beautified with a professional done silver paintjob. Machines painted bronze, however, was and is so rare. As we love rare thins and believe that they may make a difference we present you a video that shows! Once you click on the play button, you are going to see an attractive hot rod Mercury that is outstandingly customized probably by a brilliant professional with refined tastes. Filmed while it was sleeping on the street at the Monterey Car Auction, this excellent Mercury is streamlined, chopped, and lowered by a Professional team with ingenious members. Every single detail you will see about this remarkable piece of hot rods, including its gorgeously shining bronze paintjob and its hidden headlights, front filters and small windows.

Click on the play button and let your day be better for a couple minutes and enjoy the charm of this 1950 Mercury with Cadillac fins on the back.