Lead Sled by Bo Huff

What is your dream job? Or let us ask are you doing the job that you have dreamed of during your childhood?

Although frustrating, only very few of us can do our dream jobs. If you are a devoted lover of cars, for example, your dream job was probably being a racer or a mechanical or travelling long roads to see the world's most beautiful cars. There are some people doing that and the guy you're going to see in today's video is definitely one of these rarely lucky people. This old boy, Chuck, backs his pack and travels from one state to another, visits the vehicle owners and sometimes rides in their cars. What a career! We bet there are hundreds of thousands of people willing to do this job and get a lot of fun. Today we present you an attractive video from the YouTube channel of Chuck, RideswithChuck. Filmed during Greasers & Gamblers Car Show at the Hollywood Casino in Illinois, this video gives us a good chance to see Bo Huff, an American legend in car customizing works. He is, now was, a true artist who gives his soul to the works he does. Doing that, the result is never unsatisfactory.

Watch the video, see and hear the legend, Bo Huff, and take your hat off for such a gentleman!