Jeff Wilson's '55 Chevy

Beauty is relative. It can be measured only by the degree of one's eyesight, it is said! Like truth and the sense of time, beauty cannot be limited into strict descriptions.

It changes from someone to another and everyone has their own perception of "beauty" in their minds! This being the case, everything can be beautiful, even ugliness! Sometimes a thing that would be described as ugly by many looks beautiful to the eyes of some others! That's the relativity we're talking about, and in today's video, we're checking out the proof of that. The video shows us a Chevrolet nicknamed as the "Top Doorslammer". This interesting machine looks old, rusty and dirty or let's say it looks like a pile of junk metal, but some it also looks beautiful. That's the deal of this Chevy: looking beautiful while actually being ugly. Filmed during a performance on the dragway, the Top Doorslammer runs 6.41 a 187 mph. Such speed makes it one of the fastest Chevy rat rods ever!

If you are ready and eager to see a badass Chevy sliding on the dragway like a beast then hit the red button without loosing time and let this video make your day better! We are sure it will!