'57 Chevy Pro Mod

As there is no doubt, we owe so much to our sense organs for our survival.

In case of the absence of one, our lives would be way different and way more challenging than they now are. So here's a question for you! What is your strongest sense organ? Your eyes? Your touch? Your taste or your ears? Today we present you a video that appeals both to your eyes and ears, but mostly to your ears. This video may cause a small-scale temporary hearing loss for the headphone users so you better make volume down a bit before hitting the play button. When you start the video, you will first see the amazing Ozark Raceway in Rogersville, Missouri and then our hero will appear: a 1957 Chevrolet Pro Mod! This is apparently not an ordinary Chevy we're used to see every day around our neighborhood. It is a racer and it has everything that a racer needs, especially the engine. It is powered by a Jason Landsdown 383ci SBC that gives the baddest and loudest blower whine ever! It is privilege to hear that sound and watching the video you will get this privilege.

Check out the video without hesitation to hear this awesome sound and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!