1000hp White Coupe Hot Rod "Coupezilla"

There some certain things in life. Let's start simple! If you have food to fill your stomach, it is good.

If you have water to drink and bath, it is good. If you have a roof upon you to protect you from hot and cold, it is good and if you have some piece of clothes to cover your body it is also good. These are of course the most basic things for a person, but when you look for more sophisticated things you can ask for many that can make you feel better. One of these such things is the car, a great invention that changed the course of history for humankind. Since the vey first years, cars have been changed heavily and turned into some many different and sometimes even crazy forms. In today's video, we're checking out one of the most remarkable one of these forms: hot rod! Nicknamed as Coupezilla, this gorgeous piece of machinery is a real hot run running on a tremendous 8.17 blower which is said to produce up to 1000hp. This one awesome piece of hot rod not only looks good, but also makes some sick burnouts.

Watch the video to see these insane burnouts and hear the perfect sound of the engine. You'll like it for sure!