Matte Black Custom 1956 Cadillac

Cadillac! If you are well interested in American cars then you know very well about this globally renowned brand.

As a widely preferred division of legendary American automobile manufacturer General Motors Company, Cadillac design and builds luxury cars and present them to the market for exclusive customers. Having its major markets in United States, Canada and China, Cadillac has great global sales as well as its domestic profit. What we are interested in is not Cadillac's market share, but its perfectly designed machines! In the video we present you with a great enthusiasm, you are going to see a Cadillac: the "Evil King". It is a 1956 Cadillac, fully and fantastically restored by a professional team and put into a being that goes beyond the limits of perfection. It is rare to see such a nice machine on the roads. What makes the Evil King such rare and remarkable is the black matter paintjob it has. There is no doubt that the color black always bring a distinctive charisma and it catches all the eyes on. This gorgeous machine takes a tour around the neighborhood and makes the people around amazed by its beauty!

Check out the video till the last second and enjoy this beast!