Art Deco Custom COE Cabover Truck by Big Shed Customs of New Zealand

Passion! Such a magical Word! Defined in Cambridge Dictionary as "an extreme interest in or for doing something" and also as "a very powerful feeling", this magical word recalls a lot of things varying from sexual desire to hobbies.

If you check out website on a regular basis then it simply means that you are passionate about vehicles! Cars are our passion and we feed our and your passion by watching the internet's coolest car videos! Today's video, for example, demonstrates us a custom pickup truck that hits the top in both appearance and functionality. What you are going to see in today's awesome video is a late 30's and early 40's COE Cabover truck whose age isn't precise. Hand-formed in Art-Deco style and professionally customized, this excellent looking Cabover is treated to perfection at Big Shed customs in Blenheim, New Zealand. The video shows us the gorgeous Cabover while it was on display at CASA car show event.

If you want to have some six minutes in pure fun then click on the red play button, watch the video paying attention to the beauty of this fantastic cab over and enjoy!