1973 Buick Riviera By Count's Kustoms

Think about a car that will please you in everyway possible!

Imagine a car that drives smoothly on the road giving you the pleasure of controlling, car that look so breathtaking that not only you but also people around can't take their eyes on it, a car that sound satisfyingly that you can feel the power of engine and its impressive sounds. Actually you don't have to imagine such a car, we are here to present it to you! Shared by one of our favorite YouTube channels, ScottieDTV, today's video shows us a 1973 Buick Riviera that caught on camera while on display at SEMA show, an annual event for the world's coolest street rods. The technical specifications, parts, details, power of engine are all good for this excellent machine, but there's one more thing that make its look cooler than any of its alikes. As most of you know already to well, this one special feature is the crazily beautiful paintjob that makes the car shine like the bright side of the moon. It's such a beauty that you can't take your eyes on it!

Check out the video till the very end, see this '73 Buick Riviera and feed your eyes!