Nicely Customized 1947 Chevrolet Panel Truck

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For the pleasure of you and us! Checking out this excellent website of our, you can enjoy countless videos about almost every vehicle ever exists, including rat rods, hot rods, muscles, classics, trucks, pickups, trailers, R/Cs, airplanes, aircrafts, vessels, boats and many other! Vehicles are our passion and we are glad to share this passion with you. Today, you will find just another video on this page and we're sure that you're going to like it! This video demonstrates us a 1947 spectacularly customized Chevrolet Panel truck that looks incredibly beautiful with everything it has on and in it. It is enriched with a professionally done paintjob Hudson Road and Custom. The paintjob is what makes this panel truck worth to be watched for hours and hours.

Click on the lay button, let the video start, see all the details of this stunning '47 Chevy Panel Truck and enjoy!