1947 International Rat Rod Truck

When it comes to rat rods, there are no limits for being cool. A rat rot can be limitlessly cool and this particular coolness is what makes a rat rod worth seeing!

Here on this website, we have so far shared hundreds of vehicles, hot rods, classics, muscles, trucks and aircrafts. Not all of them were good enough to compete with a rat rod. These are special machines for sure, we like to appreciate their ugly beauty in every way possible. Today we present you just another video about a rat rod! It's not an extremely powerful machine that is equipped with a 3500+hp neither it's for sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's just a rat rod, but it looks spectacularly cool. It's such a machine that only real rat rod lovers can enjoy it! It is a 1947 model International Rat Rod with amazingly rusty yellow paintjob and brand new rims which gives the '47 Rat Rod a contrast.

Hit the play button to see how gorgeous this rat rod is and listen to the guy who tells us about it! A four minute of pure fun is waiting for you!