Cool Lady Makes Some Good Patinas With Her VW Rat Truck!

When it comes to rat rods, there are some unchangeable characteristics that well all expect to see and rust is one of the most desirable things wanted to see on rat rods.

Without rust, a rat rod looks like an uncompleted project. In today's video, however, we're checking out one of the most rusty rat rods ever. This is a 1959 Volkswagen rat rod slammed to the ground professionally. As you will see in the video, what makes this '59 Volkswagen rat rod is not only the layer of rust that covers it. This spectacular piece of machinery is driven by a cool lady and she drives it like a boss. She got this fancy Volkswagen from a guy in change of fixing something. He must be a generous-hearted guy! She also makes mind-blowing patinas with her precious '59 Volkswagen rat rod. Wouldn't be perfect to see these patinas in person? It would for sure!

Check out today's excellently filmed video and let us know if you like this VW truck!