Chevy Home Wrecker Ratrod Truck

For most of us rust is nothing but a layer of dirt, nothing more. Have you ever wondered what exactly the rust is and why does it form?

Actually, this reddish brown coat we used to see everywhere is the corrosion and oxidation of iron and its alloys. Technically rust is Hydrated Iron Oxide and it is formed when iron reacts with oxygen and water. The reaction is called as oxidizing. It is agreed by almost everyone that rust is something undesired. When it comes tor at rods, however, rust becomes the most desired thing ever. One can't imagine a rat rod without rust and rust is apparently the coolest detail of a rat rod. In today's video, we're checking out an special rat rod completely covered in rust. Nicknamed as the Home Wrecker, this sick machine looks insanely cool. This is a one nice truck and it has everything that should be in and on a rat rod.

Watch the video paying attention to every second and enjoy the finest details of this badass rat rod. If you have no chance to get a rat rod like this one please try not to fall in love with it!