Russ Moen's 1954 Chevy Cabover with Natural Lines

Russ Moen, a brilliant guy from British Columbia, Canada, found the best and most efficient way to make his precious built the rising star of all classic cars events all across the country.

Instead of going extreme, this cool guy managed emphasize the striking beauty in minimalism and built an outstandingly unique RV that he drives from one car show too another to blow minds. What Moen did was to transform a 1954 Cabover truck into something that he calls as the Tourliner. What is more surprising and interesting is that he did it all by himself at home. By most accounts, Moen is an average guy, but what he did is far beyond being average. You will see it clearly in the video. He started the project with the cab of a 1954 Chevy COE and the chassis of an RV. He then hand-built both the shell of the living quarters and the running boards in aluminum while the the fenders are made of fiberglass. The interior of the living quarters is all custom made and includes A/C, a bed, fridge, stove, toilet, shower, LED lights, stereo, and a flat screen TV. Think about all the modern details. This Coe have them! It runs on a turbo charged inline-6 Cummins diesel, with 400 HP and 800 ft-lbs. torque, coupled to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Watching the video, you can see this amazing guy telling us about his breathtaking build. Check it out, learn more and enjoy!