1958 Plymouth Fury: Star of Iconic Horror Movie "Christine"

If you were given a chance to design an automobile, build it from the scratch and give it a personality, how kind of an automobile would you design and how would you name it?

If you ask us, it would be a ruby-like shining machine with classical lines and eye-catchingly red paintjob and we would name is "carmen". We don't know what kind of a car would you design and how its character would be, but if you imagine an automobile that fixes itself and dispenses justice around. We should say you in advance. There's already an automobile like that and it's called "Christine". As some of you will remember well, the demonic 1958 Plymouth Fury was the star of Christine, John Carpenter's cult-classic horror movie based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Although King's novel gained a great success and brought him a good reputation, the movie didn't get the same kind and level of love. Christine is a car that we should never forget and that's exactly why we share today's video you will find right on this page.

The video shows us a 1958 Plymouth Fury with all of its glory. Hit the play button without wasting a second, watch the video and see how glorious Christine really is!