Ford F-100 is the Perfect Machine That Enthusiasts Are Looking For!

Have you ever tried to count how many cars you see on the roads when you leave your home for work or something else?

How much of them were Fords? It's well known and generally accepted fact that America has a love affair with Ford, the world's most rooted automotive company and the vehicles manufactured by this automotive giant that markets its products to the four corner of the globe. Among these products, the F-Series take a step further with everything it has. The F-Series is known to be the America's favorite pickup, with nearly a million sold per year. This amazing series was known as "Ford Bonus Built" and was the first pickup built by Ford after the WWII. Manufactured between the years 1948 and 1983, the Ford-100 served as a perfect vehicle for those who were seeking for a real machine. These legendary trucks stayed in production for seven generations and went through some substantial changes. Even though the Ford factories do not produce the F-100 anymore, custom builders continues to build Ford F-100s in many different ways and styles while collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the mechanical beauty of these custom builds. In today's video, we're checking out a 1950 Ford F-100 caught on camera at the F-100 Show. It was originally a client-requested muscle car, but then it is turned into a breathtaking Ford F-100. Everything about this F-100 looks badass. Under the hood lies a Shelby 5.4 Kenne Bell supercharged 1000HP engine that eats the asphalt.

Check out today's video to please your eyes with this gorgeous Ford F-100 and be happy!