1955 Ford F-100 Gone Through $100k Restoration Comes Out Insane!

f you check this website regularly than you know very well that we're deeply into Ford and machines of all kinds that are designed, manufactured and built by this legendary automotive giant.

Renowned in every corner of the planet, Ford creates one of the best machines one can ever find on the market. This is exactly why thousands of custom shops build custom Fords and display them at the most prestigious fairs both in the country and in the world. In today's video, we're checking out a Ford which will make you fall in love with itself in just a couple seconds. This is an awesome Ford with its all single details and appeals the eyes from the very beginning. What makes this 1955 Ford F100 more special than its counterparts is that this Ford has gone through an extensive restoration process that cost $100k. It's an insane amount of money for a restoration project. There's no doubt for it, but the outcome is so satisfying that the cost becomes secondary. The video shows us this amazing project in detail and you can learn more about the '55 Ford F-100 by watching it.

Now, hit the play button, check the video and be happy!